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Monday, February 1, 2016

Plan Your Budget

If you are like me then you recently received your W2 which means its time to file taxes. Yes, this time of year is always a bit stressful for me. While I have definitely came a long way than I did in the beginning now days I find that I pay in more and must be sure to read carefully, dot every I and cross every t.

One man that I believe makes a lot of sense to me and offers great budgeting advice is Dave Ramsey. His methods have helped us to make a more financially sound home. This year we have did more than simply live pay check to pay check. You can find free printable charts at his website as well. The charts will help you keep tract of when money is coming in as well as where and when the money is going out.

Another great tool to help with budgeting is a large calendar. On this calendar note every payday as well as bill due dates. On the calendar also not any daily expenses that you had. This will help you understand where the money is going. Seeing it in front of you may make you realize exactly what is going on.

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