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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Love Your Feet

February is the month with the holiday that offers lots of love is found. Valentines day celebrates love for each other but I believe it can also celebrate the love for yourself as well. Our feet are often depended on but often overlooked. We should care for our feet by offering them love as well.

Foot Care Tips, how to Get Pretty:

1-Wash your feet daily and use a brush to clean between toes to scrub away dirt and grime.
2- Use a good quality lotion to moisturize you feet.The foot skin is rough so it is necessary to mostrize
3-After washing your feet use a clean towel to dry to prevent from fungus and red faking skin between fingers.
4-Always cut nails straight and smooth them by using emery board.
5-If your skin is dry it is better to use cream and petroleum jelly to prevent from  skin cracking.
6-When you sit down do not cross your legs it will limit blood circulation towards feet.
7- If you have corns and calluses do not treat it yourself, consult podiatrist.
8-It is good that you daily inspect your feet to aware of redness or blisters, cuts and cracks.
9-Use good quality socks like cotton and avoid nylon other local bad material socks.
10-Wear good and comfortable shoes in which your feet are comfortable and you have no problem in walking because if your shoes are not comfortable then you will have many feet problems.

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