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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random THoughts Tuesday July 14, 2009


These random thoughts are thoughts that I have not placed on my blog as of yet because they are so random that they could not possibly hold a post by their selves

My daughter will be home this weekend. My daughter that graduated high school has been away for nearly 2 weeks now. Oh my the stories she will be able to tell me. I always love it when my kids travel away and come home. They carry back with them stories and I am always glad to have them back in the house. However when this young lady gets home she will have to clean her room because she left in a state of devastation.

My grand baby princess will be coming for a visit on Saturday as well. Always glad to see this little one. She has once again gained new talents. She is high stepping it, next thing you know she will be walking by herself. She is also cutting more teeth. her momma is a big worry wart and worries about all the new teeth coming in.

In under 6 weeks my son will be moving out to go to college. He has visited places before but this will be the real thing. He will live in the dorms and I will not see him every day. I of course will miss him but know he is doing all he can for his education. He is bound to make us and himself happy. The goal is to become a teacher. He wants to serve in underprivileged areas. My daughter who will start college will major in social work with emphasis on missions and wants to help those in need while telling about God. How wonderful the Lord has truly blessed us.

Those are my random thoughts. Share yours or read more at the Un Mom blog


  1. Great thoughts...the kids coming and going always make for good story telling :) Bet you are really looking foward to this Saturday :) WOOT

  2. Those are fabulous paths for the kids! You are blessed indeed.

  3. Wow, your house sounds like it needs a revolving door with the kids all coming and going! Enjoy your visits..


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