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Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday


On My Bedside Table:
can you tell me again where my bedside table is? I think its time to clean my room again

On My TV:
nothing at this time is that not ironic I am actually watching nothing

On Menu For Tonight:
It was seafood night shrimp, fish, fries went over well

On My To Do List:
my room as I said it needs cleaned it is always last thing to be done. living room could also use a bit of spifying

New Recipe I tried Last Week:
frosted banana bars

In the Craft Basket:
nothing at this time been a bit busy

Looking Forward to:
granddaughter coming to see nana and papa this weekend

Homemaking Tip for This Week:
no matter how hopeless it looks it will all get better


  1. Cute post! Thanks for stopping by Inmates. Love your blog design ;)

  2. Love your look :)

    Enjoyed your list, thanks for joining in.


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