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Friday, July 17, 2009

Four Food Friday

1. TheSaladCaper’s question. Give me one weird food combination which has always been your comfort food.
#2. Name a food that begins with B.
#3. Name a drink that begins with B.
#4. Share a recipe for something that calls for broccoli.

1. mustard on ritz crackers is the weirdest I can think of right now. My mom eats butter bread sandwich with tomato in middle I used to think that was wierd but not so much now

2. Butter Beans my mom loves them my hubby prefers pinto beans

3. butterscotch tea

4. I love this and found recipe for it Broccoli Cheese Soup

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  1. #2 - Butter Beans - makes me think of college because that was the first place I ever saw them.

  2. Never heard of butterscotch tea. That's a first for me. Who makes that or is that a recipe?

  3. hi there! thanks for checking out my four foods! :)

  4. Okay, I'll play.

    1. One weird food combination that's always been my comfort food has been French Fry Sandwiches. My godmother and I used to make them when I was young. There's something very comforting about carbs, especially when you layer 'em and put a pat or two of butter or some mayo on 'em!

    2. A food that begins with B. I've never eaten it, but Beluga Caviar comes to mind.

    3. A drink that begins with B. Bailey's Irish Cream, of course!

    4. A recipe for something that calls for broccoli. Cook up some rice in chicken broth instead of water. When the broth is almost all absorbed, remove from heat and add some butter and a hint of cream as well as cheese - any kind you like. (I typically use either Cheddar or Jack or any combination thereof, but have also been known to use Parmagiano Reggiano, Asiago or Romano - anything that melts well will work here.) When the butter and cheese have melted, add some cooked chopped broccoli and stir until combined. Makes a great side dish or a nice vegetarian meal! I have eaten a whole pot by myself in one sitting. Something about those carbs...

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