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Friday, July 17, 2009

Eden Fantasies


Do Not Let Children Read This Post PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Lets face it, it takes allot more than making good coffee and cooking great meals to keep a man happy for 20+ years. While we have never crossed the line into what others would consider risky business. We do like to spice up our sex life at times. Pleasing my man is what I like to do. Keeping him happy is what I strive for. A girl likes to feel wanted and Eden Fantasy's has some great products to do just that.

Some of the lingerie is very pretty and I love to wear it for my husband behind closed doors for just our enjoyment. It makes me look and feel good and I love it when he compliments me. Everyone loves a good massage and Eden Fantasy's have kits for the loving massages and those that others seem as crossing the line. Whatever your preference you will be able to find it at Eden Fantasies.

Now while I am afraid that some of my friends will not enjoy this post I feel that I need to be honest and the Bible does say that a man and woman should love each other. To me this means that if we enjoy gentle massages or he loves looking at me in lingerie it is our business. Perhaps your relationship between you and your man or woman could use some spicing up visit Eden Fantasies and don't be shy take a look around. They have items that the married couple looking to have some fun would love as well as those who have a personality that would go beyond belief. Somewhere in between is you and your partner and Eden Fantasies can help you to make your life a bit more vibrant.

Buy: you can order products directly off the Eden Fantasies website.

1 comment:

  1. Amen sister!!!
    I love my Hubby! We have been married for 25 years and yes, we like to keep it spicy behind Closed doors!!! GREAT Review!!
    psssssttt I have a Review and Giveaway for Eden Fantasys going on on My Blog now!!!


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