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Monday, July 13, 2009

At the well: behavior and how to face it

Gathering at the well a spot where we come together weekly and talk about problems that we face in our walk with Christ. I love how we can openly share without thought of anyone getting angry or otherwise detesting. This week the subject is dealing with problems as parents:

How can you react when someone tries to undermine you as a parent or encourages something with your children that you do not agree with? Do you get mad or angry like a momma bear? (I used to.) How can you better react and still stay in the Spirit?

What ways can we rebuke un-Godliness and still be loving? Maybe it is a display of an un-Godly relationship or public drinking or something else that you have taught your children displeases the Lord?

How do you react when your small child asks a family member who is doing something wrong why they do that? Do you hush the child or make excuses? Is your reaction understandable to the child and in the Spirit?

I have to say that this has happened quite often and it is not always easy to overlook. My children know what is expected and strive to please both parent and their Lord. I do not get angry easily but it does happen and when it does those that love me call it my time of soapbox. I not only talk to my teens or children about what the problem is but also to those who are allowing that problem or idea to enter my childs life. I talk, never yell, yelling does not do anything but cause more problems.

I am one of those mothers who keep my children close by so that they know to understand behavior that is not right. I have went with my children to fun places. I never try to hold them back I just go with them. If these places are acceptable then they may go by theirselves. Often though they ask that I go with them.

I did in the past hush my child then I wondered aloud why and if I was sending my child the wrong message. If I teach them one thing and then do not say anything to someone else when we notice them doing it then what message does that send. I choose to tell all those around me what I accept at correct behavior and what I do not. If my child ask questions I simply state that they have been taught not to partake in such behavior. Often the behavior that is addressed the offender will apologize or tell the child that the reason why or that there is not a real reason and that it is just a bad habit

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