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Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 7/13/09

Meal planning is coming together quite nicely this week:


granola bars, fruit

oatmeal, fruit, breakfast burrito

sausage sandwich

fruit, scrambled eggs

sausage, gravy and fruit

pancakes, syrup, fruit

breakfast at church


popcorn chicken, potato, salad, jello

sandwich, chips, fruit salad

grill cheese

sandwich, chips,


ramen noodles

hotdog, chips


fish, slaw, hush puppies, mac n cheese, cookies

subs, chips, snackcakes

shepherds pie, salad, cake

porkchop, garlic toast, greenbeans, salad, icecream

pasta, garlic toast, salad, icecream

daughter in town out to eat

horseshoes, jello

That is my menu what does yours look like? List it at the blog Im An Organized Junkie


  1. I'd forgotten about popcorn chicken! I love it! Thanks for the inspiration for another recipe. :)


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