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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Invention of the Disposable Diaper

Marion Donovan it seemed was meant to be an inventor from the time she was born. Several men in her family including her brothers, dad and uncle all had proven to be ingenious inventors. Many of their inventions were based around factory machines. However, Marion Donovan inventions would be based more around the domestic way of life.

One issue that has been around for quite some time is the babies dirty diapers. No wonder that one of Marion Donovan's first inventions had to do with a new way to take care of this task. The Boater as it was known may have came before it's time but was a worthy invention. At the time cloth diapers and rubber baby pants were the "in" fashion. However, the issue that often came up was a bad diaper rash.

It seemed that the boater that would help relieve the rash part of diapering would be the way to go. Manufacturers did not agree and refused to  back this new plan. In 1951 she sold the idea and plan to these disposable briefs. It would be the Europeans to first manufacture disposable diapers but in 1956 Pampers would begin to sell the disposable diapers. The world of caring for the babies wetness has changed thanks to the invention of Marion Donovan.

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