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Friday, February 22, 2019

Dental Care for Children

Dentist recommend that teeth are brushed at least twice a day. The best idea is to brush in the morning and before you go to bed. Each time your child brushes make sure they brush for at least 2 minutes. A fun way to try to ensure they are brushing long enough is to use a timer. Remind them to brush the inner and outer surfaces of your teeth include the chewing surface on your back teeth. In addition, brushing the tongue is important as well.

Following each brushing the toothbrush should be cleaned. Do not scrub hard as it will put more wear and tare on it making the life of it not last as it should have. Replacing the toothbrush ever 3 - 4 months is recommended. In the case that it should show signs of wear it should be replaced before the recommended time.

At around the age of 4 children should be taught to floss their teeth. Teeth should be flossed at least one time a day. Oral rinses used to prevent cavities should be done after brushing as well. The rinse helps kill germs that cause bad breath and protects teeth against plaque formation and stains. Rinses should be used after every brushing and flossing.

Tooth decay causes pain and discomfort. Eating ,speaking, and sleeping may all be affected by tooth decay. It is possible to avoid tooth decay by eating and drinking food that is good for the teeth. Good dental care is the best way to avoid dental issues. Professional dental help can help keep your child's teeth. How long has it been since your last checkup??

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