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Friday, February 22, 2019

Teens Self Esteem

Do you recall being a teenager?? I sure do, had lots of fun during that time period. But while there was lots of fun to be had it was also a life challenging The teenage years offer more issues to deal with more than many other times of life. Nearly every teen has felt a bit afraid, lacking confidence and self esteem. It's a period of time that you no longer feel or look like a child but you are not quite an adult either. In addition it is a time of life that big changes are taking place in life and decisions of where your life will go next. 

A life of trying to maintain grades, continue in hobbies, and meet the approval of friends and parents is a lot of stress. Some teens may simply feel as if they simply don't fit in and struggle with finding out where they belong. The stress of this time period often leads to anxiety. which may lead to making less than desirable decisions. However, there are a few ways that you can help your teen find their way.

  • Encourage teens to find and follow their own interest. This can be done through cubs and organizations that offer opportunities for self expression. These opportunities can provide a way to express their selves. By helping our teens build confidence in their selves they can begin to release a bit of stress and anxiety. 
  • Allow our teens a chance to develop self confidence by tackling obstacles on their own. When we are there to help our teens if and when they get into trouble we can allow them to take on the challenge of learning how to guide through life. Small changes such as a bit later of a curfew or bed time If you show your teen a bit of understanding and room to grow then they will often be more likely to believe in their self..
  • While we want our teens to be successful we also want them to be able to face rejection and failure when they may come up. Teens that know that rejection is not personal and is not always a result of something that may have done wrong. Having a plan B can help make it all a bit better. As one of my old bosses said always have a b, c, d, e,.... back up plan so you can always face life. The truth is being able to adjust to life is something that many individuals may never learn be sure that they know that if ever needed you are there to offer help.

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