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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Bee Humble

It takes many to make up a community. After all we can not all be the same. Some of us must like to tell all that they do and others are more humble. Which are you?? Those that are more humble may be proud of what they do or don't do but do not go on endlessly bragging. Perhaps more of us should be like the one that is more humble and should try to bee more humble.

Ways to be humble

  • treat everyone with dignity and respect remember we are all the same created by the same great creator
  • it is through actions that we earn trust of others
  • make friends of all types , having friends that only agree with you will only stroke your ego
  • strive to make yourself better everyday this will help keep you wanting to do more never thinking you have reached beyond others
knowing that every strength, talent, and ability is a gift to be used for God’s glory and every weakness is an opportunity to show God’s power to change. 

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