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Friday, February 22, 2019


Did you know that the English measurement system was built upon a grain?? That grain would be barley. In 1324 King Edward II of England standardized the inch as equal to "three grains of barley, dry and round, placed end to end lengthwise" Upon this scenario of an inch as we all know the foot, yard, and mile all came to be. While the measurement system may not be as popular as in older days Barley still remains popular as the fourth leading cereal crop.

In the world of whole grains Barley is the highest in fiber. Unlike other grains where fiber is primarily located in the outer bran layer of most whole grains the fiber is barley is found through out the whole grain. Whole grain barley is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. However, much of the barley eaten in the U.S. is pearled or pearl barley which is not as healthy as whole grain.

 Pearl barley may be a tool in the battle of the bulge as it helps reduce visceral fat and the waist. Cooked as a side dish, baked into bread, enjoy it in porridge or even used barley flour to bake your favorite cookies.

Did you know these facts about barley:


  • Barley is the 4th most popular grain 
  • Barley dates back 23,000 years to the area around the Sea of Galilee
  • Barley was used in religious ceremonies in ancient Egypt. 
  • Roman Gladiators were known as Barley Men who believed that barley gave them great strength and stamina than other foods 
  • Many varieties of barley can be found in Ethiopia even today
  • Barley was brought to America on one of Christopher Columbus early voyages in 1494. 
  • English and Scandinavian settlers grew barley to make into beer
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