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Monday, November 5, 2018

Tips for Protecting Our Children

As the weather starts to get colder the outdoor work comes to an end and it seems we all start spending more time inside. November is a great time for family togetherness The holidays will be here soon and no greater time than to think about how we love our families and friends. The youngest among us seem to bring delight to our lives with their excitement. Perhaps, it is a great time to take a good look at how to protect the youngest among us.

Young people in our lives may be our children, grand-children, students you may know, your neighbors or friends children. Each and every child has a right and reason to be able to grow up safe and secure

November is National Child Safety and Protection Month. It is a time to plan for safety concerns such as fires, home safety, as well as more important issues such as what to do if your child is kidnapped or a living will if something was to happen to you. Each of these safety issues from mild to more important should all be talked about with the family to ensure safety.

Parents should have each child's photo ID. A photo you keep on your phone can help if your child was to come up missing. Look for places that will capture your child's fingerprints. While children may age and appearance change finger prints stay the same. Know your child's schedule as well as where they may go to visit friends etc... If your child would ever go missing the first thing to do is to contact the local police department. With the information you have on hand the police may have an easier time of finding your child. While most children are recovered quickly there are over 2000 children a day that are reported missing. Having an action plan will help should your child go missing

Other Safety Issues include :

  • Use safety gates not only for babies but tots that like to explore as well. 
  • At bedtime all soft, fluffy and loose bedding should be removed from the baby's sleep area When my children were babies I would dress them in a warm sleeper no blanket the sleeper was enough
  • Check out the plants that will be in your house, yard and surrounding area. Knowing if they are toxic or non toxic will help protect little ones from getting sick.
  • Safety locks should be placed on anything and everything that can be opened 
  • Hot water should be kept to 120 degrees or lower. This will help prevent a child from being scalded. 
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