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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sadie Hawkins Day

November is here, the weather has started to change and cold air is here again. Holiday markets are open in our area it seems every weekend there is something we will be doing. One holiday event happened this weekend. Sadie Hawkins day, perhaps not as apparent as in the past but it is often a day for friends to get together for Sadie Hawkins dance. While most dances will find the guy asking the girl, this special dance poses the girl as the askers inviting the boy to be their date. There is only one apparent question... Who was Sadie Hawkins and why is it celebrated.

A comic strip known as Lil' Abner created and wrote by Al Capp was the inspiration behind Sadie Hawkins In the cartoon Sadie was a plain ordinary girl who had no suitors. It seems that his father Hekzebiah Hawkins strived to get his daughter Sadie married and out of the house. So he set up a race for all potential suitors in town. The idea was to have said chase the men and if she caught one she could marry him. Many loved the cartoon and were avid readers. Sadie Hawkins started a yearly tradition where the girls ask the boys to the dance

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