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Monday, November 5, 2018

Did You Know ;;;; Charles Bronson

You may know the name Charles Bronson but do you know his story??

Born the 11th of 15 children Charles Dennis Buchinsky to a Roman Catholic family. Later to be known as Charles Bronson the star was born in coal country Pennsylvania. His father and mother was from Lithuania Bronson learned to speak English as a teenager. His first language was that of his parents Lithuanian and Russian. Perhaps it was learning english that also helped him be the first in the family to graduate from high school.

Charles Bronson witnessed his father pass when he was only 10 years old. Charles would also go to work at that time to help the family. Starting at the young age in the mining office and later in the mines. He would work the mines til he entered World War II.

When he was done serving in the military and the war was over Charles returned back home. He would work many different odd jobs before becoming part of a theatrical group in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1950 Bronson married and moved to Hollywood where he enrolled in acting classes and playing many small roles. Eventually Charles Bronson would seen in the movies that he dreamed of

Bronson first was an unknown in the movie You're in the Navy Now in 1951. Other early movie scenes included The Mob (1951) Battle Zone (1952), and many others. Charles Bronson would box in a ring with Roy Rogers in 1952 during the show Knockout. Red Skelton would invite Bronson to be a guest in a skit where Charles was a boxer In 1954 Bronson would appear in a support role in the movie Apache as well as in Vera Cruz. His career would continue to grow making Bronson not only a leading role but a household name

During the 1990's Bronson would appear in some non action movies. The first would be a Sean Penn movie called The Indian Runner in 1991. He would then appear in some t.v. based movies such as Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus 
His last starring role in a theatrically released film was 1994 Death Wish V: The Face of Death. He also appeared in a few last T.V. based films including a series of Family of Cops

His private life was filled with love and failed marriages. His first wife was to a woman named Harriet that he met when both of them were striving to get acting careers. Bronson fathered 2  children during this marriage. The couple was supported by Harriet's father during the marriage as Bronson was poor.

The first marriage lasted 10+ years but ended shortly after. Bronson then married an English actress named Jill in 1968. The couple would stay together only ending when the bride would pass from this earth. The couple raised a total of 7 children consisting of his, hers and theirs. The couple together played together in 14 different movies. The family was close traveling to different scenes together as well as staying in wonderous spots throughout the world. 

Bronson himself would suffer from deteriorated health and be forced to retire from acting August 30, 2003 Charles Bronson would give his last salute to the world as he passed from it. 

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