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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Take a Break for WIldlife

In my neck of the woods infrustructure has helped to take away land from those that normally run free. Adding new roads, demanding land for entertainment such as bike trails and other things and simply wanting to be out in nature has left nature a bit lost. In order for animals to get to where they need to get they must cross roads.

Animals are forced to cross roads and highways in search of food, water, coverage and mates. This in turn may put them in danger. Speeding vehicles are not always aware of what is out there. The first thing drivers should do is SLOW DOWN!!!

If an animal was to dart into the road it would be easier for you to stop if you were watching your speed to begin with. Young drivers between the ages of 15 to 24 are at the highest injury rate of any group in car accidents involving large animals. Many animals are hit simply because people drive too fast to avoid them. Not only will driving a bit slower be safer for the animals but the roads will be safer for other drivers and pedestrians as well.

The time of day also makes a difference as to when wildlife is more commonly found. Wildlife can often be found at near the road at dawn, dusk and during he early hours after darkness. If you see one animal, you can bet that there are more than likely other animals near by.

Two lane roads that are bordered by woods or fields, streams that cross under roads are areas where high caution must be used. Travel no more than 45 mph
Carefully watch the roadway for not only animals but bicyclists, children and slow moving vehicles. In addition drive with your high beams whenever possible.

Throwing trash out of car will pollute environment and create a hazard by attracting wildlife to roads.


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