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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nursing Assistant Day

After being a CNA for 20+ years I have learned what being in fit to do that type of work is all about. You see, yes we lift heavy patients but there is so much more than that to being a nurses aide. Start with the feet there will be lots of standing and moving and sometimes quick moving and if the next shift member does not show up then you have to fill in for them as well. Only, you use your feet and not theirs.

As I have said the back is something that you must have but there are many ways to get the individual you are helping. You do not always have to do a total lift there are many other things you can do as well. A good humor will help you through any thing even if the work is a heavy load.

As most nurses can admit to it is not all that hard to talk about body functions and what comes out of them while eating after becoming a nurses aide. The odors may still sometimes get to be too much you will learn how to control them.

Big heart and ears that listen well are needed. When you take care of those that are ill, old and hurting they will have stories they want to share and need a shoulder to cry on. You will be there to listen and hugs are always encouraged as well.

Being a nurses aide is not an easy job and at times there will be challenges that you will have to work yourself out of. It will be worth it because to the ones you take care of you are their outlet and very much needed.

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