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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I find it interesting to find out how people lived in the past. Some of those that interest me are the hermits, loners and those that simply have a way of showing up. The reason behind this is that my grandfather Bob or was it Andrew Stewart, you see he went by Bob as far back as any one knew but his real name was Andrew. That is not where the mystery begins or ends. You see, there was an entire town that knew my grandfather in fact he was a very important man in that area. The only problem was that no one knew when he arrived in town, where he came from or better yet besides his brother who was his family and where were they.

The story was that his mother was a black cherokee indian that belonged to a white man who did not treat her very well. When the time came that my grand-father and his brother were old enough to live they did. No one knows what happened to his mother after that point. At my grand-fathers funeral a couple did come that had native American blood and shared that they were related to my grandfather. They had read his obit in the newspaper and wanted to show their appreciation for him.

My attention was brought back to my grand-father because of a post I recently read. The gentleman was from the same area as my grand-father and I thought the post super interesting. You may want to read all about another man who became a hermit. You can read the post here 

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