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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Baby Bath Time

One of the earliest ways to connect with your baby is to give them a bath. Not only will this offer precious one on one but it will also make the baby feel better, look better and sleep better. The warm , relaxing bath offers a soothing comfort followed closely by warm feelings of being dressed in warm pjs.

One of the easiest ways to offer your baby a bath is using a bath seat or a bathtub. I primarily used the bathtub but we also had a bath baby seat. Infants up to 18 lbs and 28" long the infant bath tub can easily be placed in a large sink. Infant tubs may also have slings that help support for infants as well.

When the baby is large enough to sit in the family bathtub you may want to use a thick bath mat to save your knees. This will help you stay more comfortable and add more to baby. A non slip mat will help keep baby tub or seat from sliding around.

Water Temp is another point that should be considered. A temp between 90 and 95 degrees is considered a good safe temp. This feels warm to touch but not hot. Fill the tub and check the temp before bring baby into room. The running water may startle the baby making the bath hard.

Using a soft washcloth is perfect for babies skin. Mild baby soap will do a great job and not harm babies skin as well.

Playing in the tub is a great chance to interact with the baby. After washing the baby allow him or her to play with bubbles, splash the water and play with bath toys. The bath should be fun not a chore.

Another great item to have and use after bath time are hooded baby towels. After bath time is perfect time to rub baby with lotion. The baby bath is a great chance to play with the baby and should be enjoyed. Take time and cherishe the baby bath routine they will never be this small or young again.

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