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Monday, June 12, 2017

Crowded Nest Day

As a mother of adult children I have seen each and every one of them go out on their own. I often suffer from empty nest syndrome as I adapt to the changes of them being gone. Some of them make it and some of them struggle. As mom I am always there to pick them back up.

Life is rough and divorce, lost jobs, and other causes have seen my children return back home for periods of time. My grandchildren have returned with them as well. Financial reasons have seen them return and set off on their own again. Some times it is because life changes and they want to come back home to gather their self and set off again. Whatever the reason I am always here for them.

I personally enjoy the hectic atmosphere of my children returning home. I love to help them get back on their own as well. I guess you can say that is who I am mom, many call me mom my children and others that I have helped as well. So at the moment when a few of them are out on their own doing great and I am enjoying my own life as a few of my children as well as 2 grand-children are living here with me

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