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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hollerin' contest

In 1969 a contest to see who could do the best Hollerin' took place. The contest was held in Spivey's Corner North Carolina. Now hosted in the fall the hollerin' contest first took place the third saturday in June. Hollerin had at one time been conditioned down to an art to communicate from long distances. Hollerin' was an amusing form of entertainment as well. This was before the telephone or any electronic devices were made available. The money raised through the contest goes to the volunteer fire department. 

2013 would see the Hollerin' contest become part of the heritage festival. The festival is held each year on the second Saturday in September. Now, from what I see the hollerin' contest may be no more . An art form lost if anyone has any information on where this art continues please leave comment

Take a listen to find out all about this awesome event

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