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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day by the River and Legends of River Pirates

My view of the river through the Cave in Rock is vast and beautiful. Those in the water may be looking in at me as well and inside the cave they would never see me. 

The United States many years ago was a dangerous place. The dangers that the early rugged Americans faced were dysentery, starvation and river pirates to name just a few Outlaws and thieves alike would prey on American pioneers. River travelers often willing to help kind strangers would be robbed.

Cave in Rock often considered a River Pirate Cave is a small rock formation on the banks of the Ohio River between Southern Illinois and Kentucky. The cave is located in a town that goes by the same name Cave In Rock. I live approximately 30 minutes from the cave and have often visited. The town is located in the middle of the Shawnee National Forest and is in an empty area. At one time the little town and area may of boomed but there is little there now but the memories and legends.

The cave itself is around 55 feet wide which is quite small in comparison to others. In the late 1800s travelers would use the cave for shelter as well as a port for riverboats. Earlier in history the cave had been a favorite point for thieves and murderers. Travelers would be led to the cave under false pretenses of food, supplies and guidance. Rather than help the pirates would often take the lives of the travelers.

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