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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Your Pharmacist

Back in the old days you knew your pharmacist by name and he or she would know you as well. They would know what medications you took and know what to advise you for your children as well. Now with so many pharmacies in different places like discount stores etc... this may not be the case. I still enjoy traveling to the pharmacist that knows me by name all though he is now located at a local discount store.

Your pharmacist can help keep track of your medications both prescription and over the counter. This way they can ensure your medications will not interact with each other. Because your pharmacist knows what medications your are taking they can ensure that you take it in a safe and effective manner.

You as the patient must still play a role in your health. You must properly manage your health care and medications. You should keep an updated list of all the medications both prescribed and over the counter in addition herbal and supplemental products. You should keep the medication name, dose, frequency and use direction in a notebook and share it with health care providers when you visit for health care services. Your pharmacist is the one to ask questions concerning your prescriptions and over the counter drugs.

So you may not appreciate waiting at the window to get your prescription. You are waiting as your pharmacist ensures your prescription is filled and issued correctly and safely. Things that they look for are:

  • correct patient and medication
  • age
  • allergies to medication
  • if the prescription will interact with medication or have adverse reactions to selected medication you are taking
  • ensure that the length of treatment and reason for use or indication are correct
  • that the correct health care provider name is on prescription

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