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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mad Hatter Day

Today, October 6th noticed as many as a fun day could be a scary day as well. Mad Hatter Day occurs each year October 6 since the mid 80s. It is a fun to day to be silly and celebrate silliness. You all may recall the Mad Hatter from the fictional cartoon Alice's Adventures in Wonderland The Mad Hatter was always busy running around being silly so today have a little fun and be a little silly.

Why was October 6th considered?? Well it is very easy if you look into it. The top hat that the Mad Hatter wears has a slip of paper that has 10/6 written on it. The paper may have been an order to make the hat and that the hat would cost ten shillings or sixpence.

these mask are made by a gentleman from Evansville Indiana and have been meant for days like today a bit of fun, however there are some that are using clowns a bit differently, and very much scarier.

This day may have a bit of scare with it this year. I wonder how something so fun became scary but it seems that we are in a Great Clown Panic in many parts of the U.S. Traveling in costume these clowns leave many worrying about what they are up to. When I was a kid a group of clowns would mean fun today it makes you rethink and worry for your kids. While it seems absurd that anything like this could happen it is something that we have to worry about while some in society are acting a bit absurd.

The above tweet being sent out by Police in Tn to warn about the dangers of clowns hiding in the woods and lurking about.

October has always seen its share of horror movies and haunted houses infested with haunting ghost. Many in fact look forward to these things every year . Those in the clown profession are dedicated to bring happiness, joy and giggles to those they entertain and they recognize that Halloween is one of those times where scary things happen. But the latest clown scare is way out of control

Random clowns have been appearing for months. Having schools, professional buildings and even neighborhoods go on lock-down because of the scare. In our town a group of clowns appeared at night out walking around up to no good. The police had the local gas stations in the area, nursing home and warned many others of the clowns where about. The harassing clowns are putting a damper on the fun in October and trick or treating is now being questioned as well.

The creepy clown wave began in mid-August when there was a reported an individual dressed up as a clown. trying to lure kids into the woods in South Carolina. The story went viral and the wave began. Now an epidemic problem copycat creepy clowns have started to appear. No major arrest have been made while a few of the creepy fellows have been picked up.

Clown activities such as Halloween, Shrine Clowns and even Ronald McDonald are being suspected. Of course not the activities or individuals their selves but who could be playing an impostor of the character or involved in the activity. Their are activities, individuals and characters that are in this world to bring smiles to kids and now with the fear that this clown wave is posing the smiles may not be there.

Coulrophobia the scare of clowns is a scare that many may naturally have. The frizzy haired, red nose clown may simply scare many without any panic in the air at all. This fear may be influenced by clowns like Pennywise in "It" where the evil clown is the main character.

Not all clowns are bad and in the past clowns have helped cheer up children in the hospital. Now with the clown epidemic that ability may be gone. As hospitals have often required individuals dressed as clowns to wait out side til a child welcomes them in and now the fear of clowns is putting both parents and children off a bit. Do I think that clowns will go away. No, I think sick individuals who are doing wicked things dressed as clowns should stop. Childhood is a precious time and the fear of clowns is one to many.

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