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Friday, October 7, 2016

National Eat Better Eat Together Month

October is a great time to eat together as a family. It is National Eat Better, Eat Together Month. As our family grows there seems to be less and less days to do this. Family mealtime is making a comeback and all though my children are grown we often bring our entire family including my children and grand-children together to eat. When I was a kid we did this about once or twice a month our family is striving to do this one to times a week.

So does your family eat together regularly?? Would you like this to happen more?? Schedules are often one of our most troublesome issues. So we try to schedule the dates ahead of time. You may not be aware of it but scheduling helps you look forward to something just like eating together as a family helps you eat better.

The healthiest way to enjoy families meals is to eat at home. There are healthy restaurants but it is easier to plan nutritious meals in the comfort of your homes. Studies have been able to show that families that eat at home decrease their caloric intake and the food choices are much better than if they eat out. In addition it is a great time to relax and reconnect and find out what is going on in each others lives.

Family mealtimes come together well if they are planned ahead so everyone can be there. Include family member choices in the mealtime as well. Try to not repeat what is served at family meals this may mean that every member helps out at every meal. Teaching the next generation great meal prep skills as well as interacting and having fun in the kitchen is a great as well. Each family meal time try to fix a new recipe. This may mean that a younger member teaches an older family member how to prepare a recipe. It also allows the family to taste different recipes and enjoy their food.

I hope you start a new tradition with "eat better, eat together". Would love to hear if you have any favorite recipes or any tips that you would like to share. The holidays are right around the corner let October help you get started on healthier choices at mealtime.


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