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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Clean Up Time

If you have not all ready started you may want to get a jump on it Before you know it holiday months will be here. So get started now here are a couple of tips that may help you:

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Call and get an appointment from the professionals for jobs such as clean and winterize your pool and central air. Having your chimney, fireplace and furnace cleaned is important as well

Now head to your Kitchen and bathroom. Start with the drains and pouring baking soda followed by white vinegar down the drain. This will help break up any grease and grime that may solidify with cold weather making clogs 
Second pull your large appliances away from the walls and vacuum behind them. Use a soft brush to sweep off any dust on the refrigerator coils 
Get rid of anything in the kitchen that you have not used in the last year. Get rid of those food storage containers with no lids. 

Time to have carpets steamed and cleaned. Furniture should have cushions removed and cracks should all be cleaned. Also vacuum under and behind all furniture. 
One area that you may not think about cleaning is the smoke detectors. Vacuum and change the batteries. 
Now is the time to fix any nicks or holes in the walls as well. Simple putty and spot paint will do the job
wash interior windows, clean curtains, drapes, shades and blinds
clean ceiling fans and light fixtures
Dust all vents and ducts, baseboards and heat registers. Fall means heat will come on soon and having these clean will help prevent a fire hazard 

Wall moldings should be inspected to ensure none are coming loose Clean window sills and weather stripping. If any needs replace do it now
Clean dresser drawers and closets. Great time to donate what you do not need. I normally change out drawers each season if you have room this is a great idea for you as well. 
Time to change all bedding Replace blankets with warmer and possibly flannel sheets
Flip the mattresses. 

Clean the laundry room by running a bit of vinegar through your washing machine to get rid of hard water and detergent buildup. Vacuum the dryers lint catcher built up debris can cause fire. 

Heading outside there are few jobs to be done there as well. Patio furniture should be washed down and stored for the winter to protect from the snow and ice Garden hoses should be disconnected so that there are no excess water to freeze, split and crack the hose in the winter. 
Gutters need to be cleared of leaves and needles. Any bird or bees nest should be cleared out as well.
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