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Monday, October 3, 2016

October is National Seafood Month

Remembering the messages that our elders left behind would leave us with the knowledge of better eating habits. It was said that "Fish is brain food" Modern science has proved that this fact is right. Cyrus Raji MD PhD of University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine stated "More fish, more brain, less Alzheimer's"

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Whether you like to eat salmon, cod, shrimp, halibut, sole, crab or oysters they are all seafood and all delicious, sustainable and good for you. Many times you do not have to go that far to find it either. Todays world makes seafood available year round. Frozen is fresher than fresh is and canned seafood is convenient, affordable, and easy to use. U.S. has the best managed fisheries in the U.S. so eating your fish is easy and safe so get out there and eat your fish.

We love to share seafood recipes and we will continue to share more fish and seafood recipes here on annies home.

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  1. Yummy. I love most all seafood. Will make sure to get some of it this month

    1. good excuse to enjoy one of your favorite dishes
      thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment

  2. when i lived in Sheepshead Bay (a fishing area of Brooklyn), we had a LOT of different seafood places and stuff - it was really cool!

    1. I can well imagine it was sounds really nice
      thanks for stopping by again always enjoy your visit and reading your comments


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