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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Thank You To The Custodial Worker

Today October 2nd is the day to recognize your custodial worker. National Custodial worker day is a day to offer a big thank you. Whether it is at school, church, place of employment and a variety of other places there is someone cleaning up behind all the work and fun and that individual is part of the custodian team. The Custodians help keep the place clean and in good repair so that the place they work can be enjoyed by others.

Thank you to all those that take care of the school my children attend, to the nursing home I work at and to all others that may not be seen yet we know they are there.

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  1. I'm your neighbour at Inspire Me Monday, and I LOVE this post.

    Like teachers, a lot of custodial dudes buy their own equipment and supplies to do a better job. Where would we be without them?

  2. you are so right , where we work they purchase their own supplies as well. Thanks so much for stopping by will return visit very soon

  3. I'm a teacher, so I know how important custodians are! Thank you for hte reminder to thank ours today :). It's great to see you here at Inspire Me Monday!

  4. Thank You so much for this! It is really beautiful and a reminder to show my appreciation to people more often!


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