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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Protecting Diabetic feet

As a diabetic I have learned to take care of my feet. The doctor emphasizes how important foot care is  to me. I also suffer from Neuropahy and have for the past several years. Neuropathy is nerve damage leading to the loss of sensation / unrecognized trauma to the feet. I work on my feet 8 plus hours a day and taking care of my family, housework, travel etc... leaves me on my feet even more

My feet often feel cold and numb and other diabetics may experience the very same thing. There are several other things that can happen to the feet of diabetic individuals.

The number of hours on my feet has also tore down the fat pad on the bottom of my feet. I wear shoe insoles and these are recommended by my doctor. I do stand for several hours a day, I also walk several miles a day while at work. To protect the bottom of your feet use shoe insoles to help  buffer your foot.

One thing that I am currently looking at on the list is the type of socks I wear. I need to ensure that I wear socks that are not to tight. I try to do this but many times at the end of the day I do have edema I wonder if this makes blood circulation hard to feet.

I have suffered from blisters on the bottom of my feet as well as my toes. I am a nurses aide and give bath most the morning. My shoes do get wet and for years I have worked like this . Recently I have started to change my shoes after the showers to protect my feet from the water.

Are you a diabetic ?? Do you have any more information to protect feet??


  1. Hi Angie,

    I have someone close to me with Type 1 Diabetes. I think she also suffers from Neuropathy (a known by product of the disease).

    I'm sure there are plenty of options out there to help. I''m not sure how much time you've spent looking around, but there aught to be some natural or alternative methods to at least soothe symptoms.

    Good luck :)

  2. As an ER nurse, I have seen the result of diabetics not taking care of their feet! Thanks for the informative post, I hope everyone heeds the info

  3. I don't have any suggestions for you, but it is great that you have started to take better care of your feet. I put my feet through years of torture as a ballet dancer, so I still deal with problems, as well. Have you ever tried those socks that have lotion in them? Also, rolling over a tennis ball can relieve some pain and tension in my feet, so maybe it might help you.

  4. I hope you find some other answers to help you! :)

  5. My Grand Ma is diabetic and she always wear socks, even when she is walking bare foot. I really don't know how much this helps?

  6. Feet are so important to take care of. Hope your feet feel better and you find what works for you. :)


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