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Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Birthday WIllard

In my life time I have admired two weather men. One is Al Roker and the second is WIllard Scott. I have watched both for some time. Today, March 7th is Williard Scott's birthday. He was born in Alexandria Virginia the year was 1934. At the age of 16 Willard show interest in the 1950 NBC page at WRC-AM. It was NBC's owned and operated radio station in Washington D.C. Later he would work at the university radio station and become a member of Alpha Sigma pi graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Williard Scott would play many a role on the radio. From the years 1955 to 1972 he would team up with Ed Walker as they co-hosted the Joy Boys radio program. In the years 1956 to 1958 Scott would serve his country and be on active duty. Scott and his radio partner would stay friends through life.

Following his early radio days WIlliard Scott would become host of children's television programs on the Washington D.C radio. He started to appear on T.V. as Bozo the Clown as well as Ronald McDonald.  In 1970 he would start his career as a weather man.

It was in 1980 when Scott would land his biggest role in my opinion. He went to work with the Today Show on NBC. He is famous for wishing those celebrating their 100 and + birthday. Scott would travel during his weather spotlights visiting festivals and landmarks.

Williard Scott semi retired in 1996 and was succeeded by Al Roker. He continued to make spots on T.V. always wishing those special individuals birthdays. Recently, in December 2015 Scott formally retired and was hosted with a party to acknowledge his career.

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