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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Plant A Flower Day

Take a look outside and you may find signs that spring is quickly coming or perhaps it has all ready arrived. Here we have lilies popping up and trees including magnolia and daffodil putting on their pretty spring flowers. Oh the birds singing which you can not see but hear instead sure do sound awesome as well. So today, March 12, plant a flower

Planting is the process to place a seed or plant in soil or other container in order that it may live and grow. While you are giving life to a plant it has been proven that gardening and flowers can help make your life fuller as well. Growing flowers offers joy as you look at the beauty it offers. When you plant flowers it offers a bit of excitement as you look forward to seeing it grow. It offers you a reason to get out of the house to take care of your flowers and garden.

My mother and grandmothers have always enjoyed gardening whether plants, flowers or vegetables. I have from time to time grown my own and must say that I do really enjoy it. The problem is that I often do not take time to do such chores. This summer I have made princess a promise to have a small garden. I will share with you all more on our garden as it comes along

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