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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Panic Day and how to avoid

Staying calm and not letting them see you sweat is harder than some think. Do you ever get rushed, flushed, hurried and it all turns into panic?? I am sure that we have all had this feeling sometime along the way. The best person with the strongest nerves among us some times has trouble keeping it all togehter.

Staying calm may start with taking a deep breath and clearing our mind. Realize that we all do it , panic that is. Another thing to keep in mind it is so common that it has a day all of its own. March 9th is Panic Day. Don't worry, like every other time you have panicked I am sure you will make it through Panic day.

If everything is perfect in your life with out any trouble around then you may think why have such a day. However, there are days of troubles and future problems that may make you think again. Try your best to hold off pushing the panic button. Remember every March Panic day approaches.

Panic Day is a fun day and was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy. While panic is a very unpleasant sensation that can lead to some sad consequences. There has been moments of mass panic such as during panic events often results in injuries and even deaths. The best thing is to try your best to stay calm and take deep breaths to prevent outright panic.

Supressed emotions may result in major freak outs and nervous break downs. If your day ends in panic you need to try to destress and blow off some steam before ending your day.

Some ways that you can release the stress before it is all out panic:

Deep Breathing. I know it sounds rather easy and it is. Simply slow down, take a deep breath in and let it out again. Let your mind relax, your tense body relax. This takes about 10 minutes and can be done any time and every where.

Take a time out and take a sit down. The stress gets to building up it is very easy to escape from the atmosphere even if you can not physically get away. If it is possible to get a way then get away for a moment or two. Another great way to escape but not really physically leave is to read a book it takes you away from your problem and lets you ease your nerves.

Heading home from work stressed out? Take a walk and then follow it up with a shower. Great way to clear your mind and not let you share your stress with those you love

Spring time is arriving one way to destress and clear your mind is to open the window and enjoy some fresh air. Another great way is to have fun and laugh it is not easy to stay stressed out or in a bad mood when you are laughing and having fun.

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