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Sunday, March 6, 2016

National Oreo Cookie Day

What is your favorite part of an oreo cookie? Is it the chocolate cookie or the cream filling?? Every one seems to love part of the cookie. It seems that a market research study shows that 84% of men eat Oreos whole with both the cookie and filling in tact. It seems that 41% of all women separate the cookie and cream filling when they enjoy an Oreo. 

The first Oreo cookie was sold March 6th 1912. 

Oreo's originally were sold in two flavors the common chocolate version and the second a lemon lime flavor. Can you imagine that?? Oreo now has different flavors from time to time with the favorite still being the original 

What is your favorite way to eat an oreo?? 


  1. Favorite way: in ice cream
    Favorite flavor: Berry Blast

    But really, I'm not gonna turn any of them down.

  2. oh if i could only eat Oreos these days - i love them - but they sadly don't love me these days :(


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