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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Caffeine Awareness

There is not a lot of time to just sit and ponder any more. However, whenever there is we take advantage of it. We get away from the phone, t.v. and any source of social media. It does not last long but just those few hours does a body good and we are able to relax. Then we head back to the real world....
Life in the real world is busy. Filled with work, family, chores and fun. The past life of hunting and gathering was busy as well. Just like today we must get the chores done in order to stay alive. The one thing that has always seemed to help us was and is caffeine. Caffeine has been a part of NOrth American history for over 1,000 years. 

Native Americans that lived in the Southwest and Mexican North west brewed caffeinated drinks made from cacao. The leaves and twigs of the yaupon holly plant created a caffeinated drink similiar to tea. Archaeologist and scientist tested 177 pottery samples from 18 sites in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Chihuahua, Mexico. Caffeine residue was found on jars, pitchers and mugs in 40 samples from 12 sites. It is believed that caffeinated drinks were used in communal and ritual gatherings. 

We may be destined to be tea drinkers but perhaps there is a way to protect our selves against the dangers of caffeine. Take a look at this chart to see how you can cut down on the amount of caffeine in your life. 

March is Caffeine Awareness month. So to help heighten your awareness here are some facts you may not know:
  • caffeine is found in the seeds and leaves of more than 60 plants around the world. Coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa beans, kola nuts, and yerba mate are just a few
  • Caffeine may be natural occuring such as in coffee or tea or synthetic made from cola or energy drink is the chemical structure is identical and the effects on human body is the same
  • Birds, dogs and cats should not have caffeine as they can not metabolize it. That is why chocolate is not good for pets. 
  • The darker the coffee roast, the less caffeine in the coffee bean. Now this seems odd to me as I thought it would be higher. Unroasted green coffee beans have a higher concentration of caffeine. 
  • Tea is the exact opposite of cofee as the darker the tea the higher caffeine
  • Caffeine offers a pick me up but also offers a weapon against Parkinson's and Alzheimer. However, too much caffeine can result in side effects like nervousness, anxiety, nausea, sleeplessness and jitters
  • It is estimated that 85 percent of the US population consume caffeine daily. The top drink of choice is coffee. Tea and soda make up about 1/2 of all drinkers and less than 10% consume energy drinks
  • It takes about 15 to 45 minutes for the consumed caffeine to offer any pick me up. 
  • Caffeine is not recommended for pregnant women or children. 

What do you think?? As a southern girl I love my sweet tea and diet cola but do know that too much is not a good thing. Do you consume caffeine?? 

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