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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PixyWorld review

I have to share with you an adorable line of clothes that I found for my princess. Pixyworld is very whimsical in style, playful in nature and simply beautiful in appearance. The outfit that we received to review for Pixyworld has beautiful pastel colors, embroidered fairies, elves, butterflies and mushrooms.

How much cuter can you get when the adorability of every side you look has been thought of to share just a bit more of cuteness. From the patches and rickrack on the jeans to the swing style of the cute dress the adorability seems to shine off of this PixyWorld outfit.

PixyWOrld clothing is available in sizes 12 to 18 months up to 6x to 7 sizes. PixyWorld likes to say they offer pretty clothes for real girls. To me this statement is so true my girls liked to look good while riding their bikes, playing ball and just being a girl. Jonathon and Melody Wilson are the couple behind the cute and stylish PixyWorld clothing line. They have had a bit of experience at offering cute products for sale. Before selling under the PixyWorld they sold clothing under the custom boutique clothing for toddler girls, under the name "Peas Inc." This experience offered them an insight into the world of customers where they learned what colors, themes, etc... customers were interested in. One main thing that they shared with their customers was that they are parents to toddlers as well. They realized that all parents want clothing that both looks good and is easy to take care of.

You can buy your own child the sweet look of PixyWorld directly off their website located at

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