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Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fragments from messing with my twitter to hubbys health

Mommy's Idea

Man what a week we have had this week. Not as warm as I like it but not as cold as it could be the weather man promises it will warm up. I sure hope so as I am ready for spring. Not a big fan of winter except for the snow days when I was a kid I feel winter has overstayed its welcome.

Well, my twitter account was hacked and I sent nearly 1,500 people a message that was very inappropriate. I am sorry if you received a message. Be aware that it was not me and I would never send a message out like that. The problem is fixed now but if it ever occurs again please drop me a note and let me know. THANKS

Children over 18, are you responsible for bills or are they. My son because of an illness as a college student has let a few bills go bad. Some of the collectors will yell at me and others will give me not information at all. I am the one that till pays the bills most the time since he is still going to school with no income. I can tell you that this gets frustrated but is another step that we must go through as parents I reckon

My husbands health has not been so well as of late. The doctor is great but currently my hubby is on 4 pills a day. WOW!!! That is alot I thought 2 were alot. The doc thinks there will be more needed. My husband has let his health slide alot but he is only 3 years older than me. I ask my friends to please pray for him and his health.

what is going on with you this week?


  1. Oh, twitter has been very naughty! Tons of hacks & viruses going around. I love how I get junk from HomeDepot... like they would send "This you????" - who me?

  2. I am so ready for summer. We are in the middle of yet another major snowstorm here.

    If they are in college, I help out with bills. If they are working, they are on their own.

    Hope the hubby feels better.

  3. Hope your husband is feeling much better soon. My Dad received a new heart 7 years ago and takes over 50 pills per day. And he hates it!!

    Hallie :)

  4. I've noticed a lot of spamming going on with Twitter from all the hackers...people with too much time on their hands!

    I am SO ready for spring! We had another snow storm last night and today with brutally cold winds. I agree - it seems winter has overstayed it welcome this year.

    Sorry about your hubby - hope he's feeling better soon!

  5. I don't go to Twitter very often. Glad for that now.

    I hope your husband's health improves. There is so much sickness it seems.

    Have a great week.

  6. March has definitely come in like a lamb this week, for sure!

    Hope your hubs is feeling better soon :)


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