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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Origany reviewed

I love to see Princess dressed up cute as a button. I love it even more when the clothes she wears are organically made. Origany creates stylish clothes for little ones and best of all yes they are organically made. Just look at the name it seems to spell out organics allowing all to know that they are good for the child, parent, and whole earth. Origany prides itself on the fact that their clothing line and accessories are made from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. Origany has sweetly termed the clothing line "Clothing Made Organic by Nature"

Today's generation is always looking for a way to go green. One way that is easy and looks great is through their children's clothing. The designs, colors, and super soft feel of the clothes all come through in the great Origany collection. Origany baby clothes (0 to 24 months) are soft because of the fact they are made with 100% certified organic cotton. The look is perfect for play and look sophisticated enough for dress up. Origany Toddler clothing collection (2 to 4T) are made from certified organic cotton or baby alpaca combined with organic cotton. Both collections are made with dyes that are safe for the earth and the child.

we received the above outfit and believe me it is adorable. Soft to feel and looks so super cute. My son came home and took a look at it and said wow that is super cute and so sophisticated. Princess will look great in it. Those words coming out of a teenage boys mouth says allot about the style the clothing has.

Buy: you can order the sassy Origany clothing line directly from the Origany website to find more locations in stores and online check here

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