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Saturday, February 6, 2010

He's An On Time God - Dottie Peoples

May not be our time, may not be when we want it to happen but it is always on his time and always on time. AMEN!!!

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  1. I like that song. Its important to remember that He answers our prayers at exactly the right moment.

  2. AMEN!!! Blessings Annie...always on time, may not be in our time, but God's time is always perfect, never too late or early. Love all the Bible stories she uses to illustrate! Another upbeat one...!!! EnJOY a great weekend!(almost missed ya'...except I saw your comment & knew you must have a TSMSS post)!

  3. I love the 'on time, His time' theme of your TSMSS post. And the singer is so upbeat, I enjoyed listening. Nothing beats God's perfect timing! Amen!


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