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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Frustration

Friday Frustration YEAH!!! once again a time to plot my thoughts on paper good or bad but always something frustrating me. This one is about my children but not something to brag about. My mother always told me once a mom always a mom and believe me as mine get older and even move out I am seeing that it is the truth. Sibling rivalry showed itself in my two (2) older children and as their mother I had to step in. Then my middle daughter still living at home but wishing she could be on her own decided to complain a bit as well. With all three of the older ones being stifle a mother could almost pull her hair out The children are all grown and yet still need their mother to step in with advice, love and hugs to let them know all is well. What is a mother to do. With all the great years we have had as a family all is worth to make the future bright. So with love in my heart and frustration aside I continue on my journey as mom.

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