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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Aminals review

All mothers cherish the early drawings that are created by our little ones. In fact these little drawings become the artwork that decorates our fridge, freezer, walls, etc... Now the same type of art that we cherish have been created into Aminals organic toys. The same not so straight, large, wiggly lined drawings that we cherish when our children make them have become expressions on great, super cute, hilarious stuffed toys.
Our children take time to diligently create their art work then present that art work with pride to the person they made it for. With the same sort of pride Aminals has created a line of new huggable soft dolls. The Aminals all have their own character traits and a special story to go along. Each of the Aminals is ready to create new adventures with your child. I can remember having special dolls when I was a child. I was the child with the imaginary friends, dolls all lined up in a row behind the couch playing for hours. The Aminal characters are ready to ready to become your child's pal around the house and travel forever. The names of the characters like the artwork is childish as well. Here are a few of the great characters





we received the Liun toy in order to prepare this review. I can tell you that the toy arrived sealed in its own plastic bag which is always nice because it stayed safe through the travels. I absolutely loved the art work and the softness of the toy as well. Princess will love toting it around with her when she is visiting Nana s it is a soft firmness that can be held onto easily. Another great reason that I love the Aminals is that the wonderful toys are organically made. Organically made is great for the world, and my child.

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