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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Football this Weekend

This is a picture that my son received at his football banquet. All of these young men are seniors and many of them will be watching Super Bowl weekend and dreaming that they would one day be playing there. Which young man does not have some sort of dream like that.


  1. Oh yes... Super Bowl Sunday! Good luck to your son, may he attain his own football dream. PS~ My little boy looks so unhappy b/c I was pointing "that thing" (the camera) in his face, right after waking, yet again:) Happy WW!

  2. My little man is hoping and dreaming of making it into the NHL - no football around here we are a hockey family. As a matter of fact I think we will miss the Super Bowl due to a hockey game on Sunday.

  3. One of our privileges as moms is the feed those dreams of our children.

    Thanks for your suggestion about using Diet Mt Dew yesterday ... that may be a great variation to minimize a little bit of the "bad" stuff without ruining the great flavor of the dumplings.


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