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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cheeky Umbrells review and discount

If you are experiencing weather like I am here then you have been having rain. While Illinois will have a bit of snow we often receive more rain than snow. While winter rains will be extremely cold and ones you will not want to stay out in the summer rains are fun to play in. The cheeky umbrella company can help make the rain in your life a bit more fun as well.

Jen Zurowski founded the Cheeky Umbrella company after living in Vancouver, BC. As many know Vancouver is plagued with rain so Jen went on the search for an umbrella that would withstand the windy rains that she often saw. While searching for the perfect umbrella Jen came up with the plan to the perfect umbrella. The Cheeky Umbrella was designed so that the rains could be enjoyed.

Cheeky Umbrella's are attractive and host great sayings. Whether they are for you or your little one or perhaps a best friend. I am sure you will find one you love. We received an umbrella sample to review for this post and must say that the one we received is super cute and seems to be made along the lines of the top of the umbrellas.

Buy: you can purchase the Cheeky Umbrella at a store near you. by following this link but if you are like me you may not be able to find one near you as of yet you can order the great Cheeky Umbrella off their website at save 10% by using code ANNIES at the online site.

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