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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday


Here we find ourselves just a couple of days before Christmas. Oh wow where has all the time gone. Yes I am done and ready for college yet I have to say that the time went way too fast. Maybe it is because there are not young people in our house. Yes I do have Princess but we had our Christmas last weekend. It was great she is always so much fun.

We will go together to church Christmas Eve this is a tradition that we have had for the last several years. Our friends at church have allready suprised us with a delicious ham. Wow it was the biggest one I had seen this Christmas season. Is it not great to have wonderful friends? We will meet with friends and family and enjoy a night of being together at church. Many of our friends will be there and I think it is just wonderful as some of our friends have either just had babies or are expecting them. I believe Christmas is for the young ones and with them all is brighter.

Two days after Christmas we will head to the youth convention in Springfield IL. It will be so fun as there will be lots of young people gathering together to learn more about our Lord, each other and what they can do to help. This is our first year in attending this event. I have heard it is great though and hope my kids get something out of it.

As my children get older and school is 1/2 way through we look to the future and wonder where my children will be next year. Next year will find only 1 in highschool and the rest in college or beyond. My eldest son will stay where he is, my daughter will transfer colleges and I have 2 more that start college this year. The adventures we have to look forward to.

Well those are my random thoughts and what are yours? Share them at the UnMom blog and see what others are doing as well.

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  1. You know not a lot of parents can say that about their kids. You I know ate proud of them and what a great reflection that is on you and your husband for raising them so well. :). Happy Holidays to you all.


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