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Monday, December 21, 2009

Sprig Toys

If you have visited my blog often you know that I love toys that allow imagination, adventure and learning through fun. Sprig toys I believe fulfill all three of my qualifications for good fun toys. We received a couple of different toys from Sprig to prepare this review. My granddaughter Princess was very lucky to get to play with such wonderful toys. Her daddy and her played together as a couple of the toys had age recommendations that were higher than the age of Princess. But her daddy is very often like a little boy and loves to play toys with her.

At bath time last night Princess played with the Dolphin Explorer boat. I was very impressed with this boat and toys by Sprig Toys as it is not a tiny one but not a giant one either. In my opinion it is the perfect size to play with in the tub. Possibly the only thing that we did not like about the toy is that the little man did not have a face. While this did not bother me or Princess for some reason her mommy thought it was weird for the man not to have a face.

Sprig Toys has many wonderful story tellers where the child build a set but tells a story of sorts as they play. We received the Story Building Barnyard and is loved by everyone including Princess. After playing farmville on facebook for so long it seems as if we have all became professional farmers ready to build and play while we tell a story and of course Princess is there to help. Other Story builders include Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and the Story Building Palace.

Sprig Toys to me is a great toy company because they make some of the funnest toys that children can actually use their imagination and learn by they are are also protecting the earth because they are eco friendly. Sprig Toys cares about the kids so much that their desire is to keep the planet healthy and the children active. By allowing the child to use their imagination they will think more, move more and I believe have more fun. With so many children sitting and watching videos and/or playing video games the world needs more toys like Sprig Toys.

Buy: Sprig Toys can be ordered directly off their website by following this link

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