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Monday, December 21, 2009

Book Review: Secrets Girls Keep

I recently was able to review the book Secrets Girls Keep by Carrie Silver-Stock. This book brought back lots of memories. Being a girl is not easy, raising girls is even harder, and having this book to read was great. I was a typical teen age girl uneasy in my own skin. I have three (3) daughters and each of them just a bit different. The book Secrets Girls Keep helped me understand and remember the problems that I faced as a teen. The secrets girls keep are many and can be a variety of sorts. These secrets often help us, hurt us and may even haunt us through out the very years of high school. High School itself can be quite rough path of life.

Many of the secrets that girls keep are secrets about how they think they look. (are they cute, ugly, pretty is there a zit coming on or is it the wrong hair style?)
One secret my eldest daughter held was the way her boyfriend treated her. She did not tell me until after she was married to another man (a great man) that her first boyfriend had treated her terribly. I had no idea all though I did thing to myself many times that I wish somehow they would break up.

I can remember the first time that I made love with my boyfriend I felt ashamed and could not tell anyone. I married this man and we have been happy for 20+ years but in the early years this always bothered me. Because of that I always had an open conversation with my girls trying to emphasize no sex before marriage but always ready to talk about it at any time. This is because this is an area I do not want my daughter to regret her firs experience.

There are many areas that a girl may keep secrets in that is why I love the book Secrets Girls Keep by Carrie Silver-Stock. Carrie shares personal stories, struggles and secrets that other teen girls have shared with her. To me this means alot it means girls will know they are not alone. Carrie wants to show her readers how to deal with everyday stresses by being self-reliant, and to speak up so that it does not become a secret.

The book Secrets Girls Keep is a guide of sorts that will teach our young women to understand the dating game, how to make and keep friends, how to deal with school because we all know that grades and peer pressure can both be tough. However, the book does not stop there because Carrie Silver - Stock wants girls to be able to learn to deal with family drama and if something is wrong to tell someone that they trust and can help them, to use the cyber scene and the computer to navigate their way around safely, and to share in stories that other girls are going through because they may be facing the same situation

If you have a teenage daughter or know a young lady that may benefit from a book that offers guidance then you need to check out the book by Carrie Silver-Stock titled Secrets Girls Keep.

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