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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Senate Approves Health Care Bill Reform

The health care debate is one that I have been hearing alot about lately. On the T.V., on the radio, in the papers and yes even from the mouths of those I am around. Whether for it or against it I believe that I have heard many different opinions. I believe that I am for it as I see my brothers go without doctors because they have no insurance. They both work but neither of their jobs offer insurance and they do not make enough to pay for insurance their selves. Yet at the same time I hear older friends at church worried about losing their choice. While congress debates and now the Senate has approved the Health Care Bill reform we all wonder what will be the out come

What do you think?


  1. Another example of the government sticking their hands where it doesn't belong if you ask me. But oh well. This is just another example of the bulging debt we are leaving to our kids. Did you see that the senate also had to increase the debt level for our country. Sad. But on a happier note Merry Christmas to you and your entire family :)

  2. The bill has something in it that will allow people to be forced to pay fee's if they are 'caught' without insurance. From my view (an 18 year old college student) this is a terrible thing - because although many people feel that people in my age range 'choose' to not have health care becuase we think we don't need it - i think they forget that many people in my age range truly can't afford health insurance. I would imagine that the huge majority of those without insurance, go without becuase they truly can't afford it, not just because they choose to not have it. So I really hate that that is included in the bill.


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