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Monday, December 21, 2009

Walking makes for good exercise and health

My main way of exercising is walking. I love to walk anywhere that I can and normally do. Possibly the only time I don't walk is when I go shopping. So let me ask you do you do much walking? Whether it is fast speed walking or slow leisurely walking they both burn the same amount of calories. When I first started walking it was at a slower pace now I walk at a much speedier pace but still not to fast I like to take the world in.

Here a couple of great reasons that might just get you in the mood to walk for exercise as well:

  • Walking helps to prevent type 2 diabetes. Walking 150 minutes per week and losing 12 to 15 lbs can reduce risk of diabetes by 58% is what the Diabetes Prevention Program recommends
  • You can strengthen your heart by walking.
  • Walking is good for your brain. Studies have shown women who walk an easy pace for 1.5 hours a week will have better cognitive function

Now that I have shared my reasons for walking and also given you some ways that walking can help your health what do you think are you ready to put your shoes on and go for a walk?

shared on Wii Mommies blog during their Fitness Friday

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  1. I walk every single day. Every morning I take my neighbors dog for a walk. It's wonderful. It's refreshing and I love it :)


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