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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vintage Bakeshop review

While you are probably either awaiting for a favorite dessert or making one yourself you know secretly that it will last just a short while and then be gone. Instead of giving that special person a snack or sweet as a gift next time think about giving them a lovely mix in a decorative box. That is exactly what the Vintage Bakeshop offers. How lovely of a gift that would make. When the craving of that special sweet or dessert comes up to be able to open the cabinet and thanks to a dear friend or a thoughtful note to be able to create a sweet delight of sorts.

What about using that same idea to help spread good news of a baby shower or a special wedding date. Whatever is important to you can be spread as well. From gifts of special makings to party favors the Vintage Bakeshop will be great for all occasions.

The Vintage Bakeshop was created from a generation of baking enthusiasts and a desire to master the perfect cupcake. Tawnya Zebrowski, the owner of the Vintage Bakeshop, states that her grandmother created elegant wedding cakes and became well known for them. From delicious homemade pies to hand decorated cookies Tawnya's family and friends would come together with delicious goodies. Some of her fond childhood memories took place in the family kitchen where she would watch her grandmother start with a bit of flour and create a masterpiece. Tawnya likes to think of her grand cupcake mixes as an extension of her grandmother. As if through the deliciousness somehow her grandmother lives on. The vintage Bakeshop creates the mixes using the best ingredients around and brings a bit of love in each of the small containers.

Buy: why not treat your family to the same sort of love that the Vintage Bakeshop can offer. If you have an upcoming wedding, party, baby shower, or holiday why not share the delicious goodness of Vintage Bakeshop goodies with family and friends.

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