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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Apple Farms Apple Crackle Review

Apple Acres Farm is a family owned farm that makes a delicious snack called apple crackle. The Apple Acres Farm has belonged to the Johnson Family since 1949. Like my family this farm has alot of pride within the farming life and lifestyle. Leighton Johnson bought the farm and started raising apples and chickens. However , today the apples are still around and the chickens have flown the coop. When Leighton had farmed for 3o years he decided it was time to retire. At that time his son Bill who could not imagine selling the farm came back with his family in tote to farm the apple farm his dad had for many years. However Bill would make a few changes he would replant the old orchards and opened a gift shop as well as started making cider for commercial use. The love that Bill put into the apple orchard has proved to be a success and recently had the Apple Farms Apple Crackle featured on the Rachel Ray Show as the snack of the day.

To help prepare for this show I was sent a bag of the delicious apple crackle. I loved it dry but I loved it even more mixed with yogurt and ice cream. My teens thought it was best mixed with something as well. The thing I loved best about the apple crackle was that it was a healthy snack we could all agree on.

In addition to the apple crackle snack the Apple Farms sells baking mixes which include apple walnut pancake mix and apple crisp mix. dry roasted cider granola, syrups, and apple of course. Delicious!!!! I can remember traveling to the orchard and we would have apples at our house from the beginning of apple season through the winter. They were what my family gave as trick or treat time, what we shared at snack time and what my mother used in the kitchen in several recipes. Perhaps that is why I love the delicious apple crackle so well but I have a feeling if you try it you may like it as much as we did.

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